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Every event is unique by concept and ideas. Our mission is to deliver quality and reliable services that ensures all your guests leaves with a picture perfect experience. We are focused in helping you achieve brand ROI in the most effective way possible.  


Fotobox™ is a self-operated fully branded digital photo booth. It is equipped with the sharpest photo capturing ability with auto-exposure and liquid crystal technology for perfect pictures, real time integration with social network coverage and I.P.F (Instant-Push File for Mobile) system powered with 4G network. It's the only photo box that does more than just capturing moments. It creates lasting impressions on-site and online all within the "box". At Fotobox you are guaranteed to experience quality technology that is built from ground up by our team. We believe in setting trends, not following.

Fotobox Photo booth Malaysia Sydney Kuala Lumpur

Multiple Frames Selection

Our new multiple frame option allow your guests to print and share their preferred branded designs with options up to 5 unique designs.

Print More Copies

This feature allows your guests to choose the number of prints they prefer and print it. Up to five copies per session! More prints!

Social Media Integrations

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter engagement. Fotobox enables your fans to engage instantly by liking, sharing or participate in contest on the spot. Increasing brand impressions within hours.


Photo Branding

Compatible square images

for click free branding on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


GIF Pop-Up Ad

Enhance your branding experience by inserting our custom designed animated Ad to users' mobile instantly! Branding level up!

Smart Data Collection

Guests are required to provide opt-in consent in order for Fotobox to store consumer data for your clients. 100% of Fotobox data are consented by users.

Self-Illuminated Fotobox

Your brand presence has always been our key focus. With our self-illuminated feature, your Fotobox will always be in the center of attraction!


No Internet? No worries.

With offline-mode, you will never lose a single photo.

Photo Enhanced Filters

Photo filter application to enhance the aesthetics appearances in every shot. No matter where you are, the photo quality will always be perfect.

Custom Fotobox Features

To stay ahead and innovative. Fotobox now has the ability to custom create applications to suit your branding needs. Smile detector, custom data input, you name it. Tell us what you wish to have and we can custom design it for you.

Photo Contest Applications

 Create your own custom photo competitions, campaigns, 

contest, best shots and more directly to social media platforms.

Instant Push-File System

The system will instantly send digital soft-copy to all user to enhance your brand experience.

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Welcome to Fotobox Co. Here you will find a number of new innovations that focuses to enhance your event experience on ground and on digital. From Fotobox digital photobooth, Mobsta first roaming engagement, Hellogif fotobox or Hashtagger instagram printer, moving prints, lenticular prints, stop motion, GIFs, boomerang and more. It's all here. Fotobox Company currently operates in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam and Australia. At Fotobox, we understand the importance of our client’s social media tractions, brand values and experiences. Let us help you create the ultimate experience. Contact us to find out more. 

Email us: or visit Fotobox other solutions:

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