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Be there or be SQUARE

Fashion icon Hermes launched their #hermesistable collection last month. Hermes approached us to do something completely different and fresh for their collection. So we crafted our standard 6x4” photo print and turned it into an Instagram square photo for the guests. And the results were #amaze. No brand has ever printed an Instagram style on the spot before, let alone a branded instagram square photo.

This type of labelling gives the image a stylish, cooler finish while appealing to a younger market. We received an amazing response from all those who attended. Everyone loved it, and numbers don’t lie. The hashtag #hermesistable was tagged over 1,300 times on Instagram and 1,600 images were printed over the event.

Social Ready

We didn't forget to make sure these photo are easily uploaded into Social Media (Instagram especially). Guests can easily upload their photo into Facebook, Instagram or Twitter from our social media sharing station OR they can save their photo from the email we sent to them and upload at later time. Take a look at some of the guest's uploads:

What's Next?

We believe the square photo trend will start to pick up really quickly at events and activations. Since the design is still fresh, guests will find these little print outs more surprising and fun.

Have an idea for your next event? Say hi to us and we can assist you!

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