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Get your "hands on" flat lay GIF

The #hermesistable launch also featured our flatlay videos. Flatlays have been all the rage on social media in recent times and here at Fotobox we’ve found a way to utilise the trend in a different way. Hermes were challenged as to how best showcase their latest product, a braclet, so we at the Fotobox team suggested flatlay.

When using the flat lay video experience objects are placed in the frame as required and then all the user needs to do is get involved. The guests get to unleashed their creativity on showcasing the Hermes bracelet and their plan to animate their work. The best part of flat lay is the focus on showcasing the products is not lost in the animation.

“The best part of flat lay is the focus on showcasing the products...”

Flatlay GIFs are fun, chic, and creative in how they display the Hermes products. So why not get “hands on” at your next promo? We had an amazing response from this event with users saying it was heaps of fun and different.

Beyond Fashion

The beauty of flatlay is that it works beyond fashion accessories, think newly launched mobile phones, new gadgets, different flavor of beverages, assortment of snacks, newly released magazines and so many more

Have an event in mind for flat lay GIF? Talk to us and we can assist you.

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