Tech advances: Mobsta x HuaWei

We recently partnered with Malaysian phone brand Hua Wei. They wanted to capture a photo and print it out but with a twist, using their new P9 phone instead of our Mobsta devices.

So we worked our magic and customised the P9 phone to integrate with our software. The result? Their new phone Hua Wei P9 captured photos using the MOBSTA Live app, emailed the photos and then instantly printed them for guests at the printing station. This was a huge success with hundreds and hundreds of images captured and countless photos printed out.

This is an exciting opportunity for other tech events as this idea can be adapted to any phone or tablet product*. Imagine the possibilities of having every tablet or mobile devices displayed at an event to be able to snap photos of the guests and have them printed out for them to take home. This type of installation really encouraged guests to get hands on with the devices and play around with them.

So if you have a product you would like to showcase, let us know and we’ll show you a fresh and innovative way to showcase your product to the guests.

*excluding apple devices.

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