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New Years resolution campaign

Statistics show that while about 45 per cent of people do actually make a resolution, the odds are much less that they achieve them – really only about 8 per cent do. This motivated the Fotobox team who then came up with a creative way to entice people to stick to their resolutions.

Photos act as a great medium to bring back memories of the time from the past. It brings back the moment in the past of how we felt and what we were experiencing at that point in time. We wanted to tap into this emotion to remind people of what motivates them to set their resolution at the start of the year. To ultimately get back on track to achieve their goals.

Fotobox team members went to different offices and took six images. The participant creates one message with their goals and then some reminder messages to be sent out to them throughout the year to remind their future selves of their goals and to motivate them. Those who decide to take part will then receive the photo reminders every two months via email reminding them of their resolution and holding them accountable to their decision to make a change.

Check out the snaps we took below!

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