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Giant selfie stick towers over New York

Last year the ASICS America Corporation erected a 90-foot (or 27 metre) selfie stick contraption in honor of the #GoRunIt campaign for the annual New York City Marathon.

The interactive installation was said to be the world's largest selfie stick, which was on display at the Manhattan New York.

The running shoe brand and its agency, Vitro—whose prior marathon campaigns have included a treadmill from hell and 3-D printed statues of 500 runners—went large, really really large! This is in keeping with Asics' marathon theme in 2016 : "It's a big race, go run it."

The eight-story-tall selfie stick was opened to the public and functioned by visitors affixing their phones to a custom selfie-orb and pushing a launch button, which triggers the phone's built-in video function and sends the phone along a 90-foot, high-speed track into the sky.

At its highest point, the phone pauses to capture a special Asics message laid out on the ground, then come back down the custom track. When the recording ends, participants have an original selfie video to share using the hashtag #GoRunIt.

The cool camera attracted hundreds of users and over 18,000 uses of the #GoRunIt hashtag.

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