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It’s all in the backdrop, baby

The backdrop you use for your booth can help set the scene for your whole event. What kind of feel do you want to go for? Fun bright colours or whimsical and dreamy? Do you want to make a bold statement? Perhaps go for something customised by using a giant chalkboard, giant parchment roll or event paint, depending on how messy you want to get.

A backdrop can bring personality to your booth, it gives guests something fun to play with, or in, it literally sets the scene for the images captured at your event. So if you’re stuck for inspiration for your next event, take a leaf from our book and check out our favourite backdrop adaptations we’ve found. We’ve listed our top five choices and if none of those tickle your fancy, check out the plethora of ideas we’ve added below.

1. If gorgeous and girly is what you’re after then you’ve come to the right place with this one. Add your own take on the general “flower” theme by using individual stems in vertical lines to create rows of beautiful blooms. The pink hues really up the romantic feel, customise with a chaise lounge, champagne and diamonds for the ultimate luxe booth backdrop.

2. This boho theme proves that maximum impact can be made with minimal effort all you need is some printed sheets, tassels and a couple of lanterns and boom you have a gorgeous, quirky and original backdrop that any bohemian babe would be proud of.

3. Head outside and hunt down some awesome street art, or a venue close by and utilise the amazing outdoor spaces available, especially in large cities. Alternatively if you can’t set up in a public area paint your own backdrop with inspo from these bright, funky and fun loving hues.

4. Customisable you ask? Enter the chalkboard backdrop. These backdrops allow you to add whatever you like in the background so you really can have the best of all worlds. These backdrops gained popularity through weddings where couples wrote out their love story on the backdrop but can really be customised to say or be anything you like. Get creative!

5. Balloons are an interesting way to add an out there feature to your booth background. Used creatively they scream fun! If this balloon backdrop doesn’t scream party then we don’t know what will. Seriously, if this can’t convince you to get your party on you’re cold and heartless. Look at the festivity, the fun, the fabulousness.

For even more #inspo on nailing your backdrop check out this amazing wall art around the world.

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