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Babin' box designs

We’ve done some pretty cool and imaginative work for clients like Hennessy Whiskey and Marc Jacobs. From popcorn boxes to whiskey bottles we transformed our booth to suit the client and the event. When creating a customised booth we like to converse with clients to see what it is they’d like to execute for their event.

Marc Jacobs Popcorn Box

With some creativity and foam we transformed our Fotobox into a popcorn box for the launch of the Marc Jacobs flagship store in Malaysia. The box looked whimsical and fun simply from the addition of painted foam pieces added to the top of the box and some cleverly thought out box designs using stripes to mimic a classic popcorn box design. The custom project was well received by guests at the event with hundreds of images being captured.

Hennessy Bottle Booth

For the Hennessy Whiskey event we went one step further and transformed the booth into a giant whisky bottle. The client required something chic and fun to entertain quests while also fitting in with the sophisticated theme of the event. Shelves were made around the booth to hold the products, acting as a stylish way to display the product while also acting as decoration for those using the booth. Guests loved the idea and it was a hit with all at the event. Check out our video to see for yourselves.

The booth can be transformed into just about anything with a little outside the box thinking- sorry I couldn’t help myself. Aside from customised branding stickers we can create a tropical oasis, think palm tree effect. Or perhaps makeup is more your thing? Why not a giant lipstick! Or perfume bottle? And for every party animal we can cater to you too, think champagne bottle with a popping cork. The options are truly endless.

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