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Met Gala Madness

If the picture isn't on Instagram, did the outfit really exist?

That's the dilemma guests of this year's Met Gala faced at the star-studded event that routinely bans the use of social media within its doors. So how do you do justice to this year's 'avant-garde' theme and hundreds of A-list celebrities draped head-to-toe in couture dresses?

Well, the Vogue Instagram studio returned for its second year in a row and it did not fail to deliver. Working with Sila Sveta, Vogue produced a digital art installation to capture the stars in an innovative way. Stepping up from your average photobooth, this year's guests strutted their stuff down a runway awash with colourful patterns and imagery.

Not your average photobooth: Katy Perry at Met Gala 2017
Not just your average photobooth: Celine Dion at Met Gala 2017.
Not your average photobooth: Candice Swanepoel at Met Gala 2017
Not your average photobooth: Priyanka Chopra at Met Gala 2017

Vogue were not the first to utilise image projections. Beyoncé took her 2011 Billboard Music Awards performance to the next level with projections and Rihanna showcased imagery in her 'This Is What You Came For' music video.

Bored of your typical photobooth shots? Thinking about how to add that something special to your next event? Why not use this year's Met Gala's dazzling display as inspiration for your event? Get in touch with us and we can brainstorm - the possibilities are endless!

If it's good enough for Beyoncé, it's good enough for us.

Happy snapping,

The team at Fotobox

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