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CFDA Fashion Awards

Earlier this month, fashion’s best and brightest gathered for the 2017 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City. Attendees included designers, celebrities, models and style icons like Bella Hadid and Olivia Palermo.

In true A-list style, CDFA recruited renowned photographer, Mark Leibowitz, to create an unconventional and immersive photo installation to showcase their guests

Leibowitz used floor-to-ceiling panels of coloured mirrors to create a multi-dimensional cubicle-like backdrop for his installation. Short videos of the guests were then stitched together and overlayed with subtle effects to give the final videos a unique twist. Check out some of the videos from CFDA below.

With experiential photo installations becoming the highlight of many high-profile events recently, from awards nights such as this year’s Met Gala and Golden Globes to brand events like Lancôme’s ‘Monsieur Big’ product launch, it’s clear that this trend is not only here to stay but also the key to elevating your next event. Presenting a unique and captivating photo opportunity is crucial to your activation gaining traction on social media.

Bring this latest trend to your next event

You don't have to be a Met Gala or Golden Globes event to have an exciting activation at your next event. Our Vogue Loop tool can create as equally engaging photo/video installation as the CFDA Fashion Awards. Our Vogue Loop is a looped video installation which takes up to a 15 seconds of footage then seamlessly blends the video together to create a montage. Guests will receive this via email, ready to be shared on all social media channels.

Vogue Loop in action!

Vogue Loop GIF

So if you’re planning an event or want to follow in CFDA’s footsteps, drop us a line here and let’s see what we can come up with!

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