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As Madonna once said, “Strike a pose…Vogue!”

Here at Fotobox HQ, we’ve been keeping one of our latest gadgets under wraps!

Having reported on numerous events offering similar video-based installations, like the Met Gala and CFDA Fashion Awards, we thought it was time to introduce Vogue Loop 2.0.

Vogue Loop is a looped video installation which takes up to 15 seconds of footage then seamlessly stitches the clips together to create an exciting and playful montage.

Unlike our other fun tools which produce boomerang-style and 180 degree GIFs, Vogue Loop’s post-editing structure offers you and your guests complete freedom with the outcome of your activation. Audio and visual effects can also be added post-event to take your content to the next level!

Vogue Loop allows your guests to showcase their creativity interacting with your setup and products.

So come on, VOGUE! If you’re interested in trying out Vogue Loop for your next event, get in contact with us here!

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