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Mobsta LIVE x NOVA

Are you planning an activation but concerned about limited venue space? Lacking access to power? Looking for a lightweight and versatile tool that is perfect for all kinds of events? Then our brand new Mobsta LIVE might be the tool for you!

Mobsta LIVE’s all-encompassing dome shaped shell holds all that is needed to shoot high quality still images and GIFs and then send those digital files to either guests via email or to an external printing station for printouts.

Recently, Fotobox Australia teamed up with Nova Entertainment to capture all the fun of Fitzy and Wippa’s Vivid Party. As part of this year’s Vivid Festival, Nova hosted the event onboard renowned boat venue, Seadeck, as it cruised Sydney Harbour. Being compact and portable, Mobsta LIVE was able to overcome the issue of minimal space of the floating venue, which was brimming with over 300 guests.

Mobsta LIVE in action at Fitzy & Wippa's Vivid Party 2017

Powered by battery, Mobsta LIVE also provides a simple solution to having limited or no access to power, particularly at events held outdoors. Mobsta has not only ventured on water, we have also used Mobsta at a range of locations for large-scale outdoor events such as airport hangars, sports stadiums and parklands.

Despite being small in size, Mobsta still packs a punch with fully-customisable branding and designs, instant photos, email and social media uploads as well as additional printout capabilities.

Mobsta is the perfect activation tool that doesn’t ask for much but gives a lot back in return.

If you’re interested in having Mobsta LIVE at your next event, get in contact with us here!

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