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Fossil Launch Party x Fotobox Co. MakeThis


Recently, Fossil launched their Fall 2018 collection. To usher in the latest watch models, a private party was thrown and top socialites and influencers were invited to view and purchase the new collection. Since Fossil has always been well known for their ability to customize its watch face with leather straps, Fotobox thought it was the perfect idea to propose to Fossil regarding our custom MakeThis engagement.


To make the customizing experience more worthwhile, our MakeThis engagement allows guests to design their own tote bags which were given away during the event. There were 5 design options, where guests were able to choose their preferred design plus adding their name initials on the bags. Guests would create their custom design on the interactive screen and it will then be printed and heat pressed according to the design selected.


Not only did the guests enjoy themselves customizing their bag design through the interactive screen, but they also managed to see their design come to live on their tote bags!

For more information about Fotobox and our services, drop us a line. We love to chat and explore creative ideas with you.

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