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We had the honour to collaborate with one of korea's top beer brands for World Cup 2018 for 14 days long campaign in the heart of Seoul. The campaign slogan was to “Turn everything upside down.” It was created for the Korean team to make the impossible and possible and possibly win the world cup! Even the beer cans sold during that period were printed upside down in support of their national team. We definitely got some limited edition cans back home!

Stepping up the game

Drawing board and conceptualisation to effect almost immediately when the news arrived. How about we create virtual cans from the Looper180 experience? You probably didn't know we can create wonders for our clients, didn't you?

Looper180 Fotobox Company

Below are some of our experiences. Thanks for your checking in! If like to learn more about what's new and how we can help? Follow us on social. @fotoboxsingapore @fotoboxmalaysia. or drop us a line at Till next time, signing out!

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