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Going APAC with LaPrairie

Our goal at Fotobox Co. is to always innovate and transcend from just being a provider of photo and video activations. Last year we achieved something for the first time and that was venturing into a new area that we have been preparing for more than a year.

Creating our very first digital campaign from scratch! And our first job was a big one. Working with La Prairie, we created campaign that was first used in Beijing for their La Prairie x Namsa Leuba campaign.


The digital campaign consisted of a flow that required guests to scan a QR code that led them to a web-app as can be seen above where they can take portraits in b/w inline with the Namsa Leuba collaborations.

What started as a one-time project grew into a global campaign that was used by La-Prairie not only in Beijing but in multiple other countries including Switzerland, Hong Kong, UK with more to come in 2020.

Drop us a line for your very own fully custom digital campaign and learn more about our exciting plans for 2020!!

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