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Flawless looping with Vogue Loop

Bell & Ross added a point of difference to the launch of their pop-up shop. The watch brand chose to use our Vogue Loop feature as an interesting way to showcase the product and engage the guests. Vogue Loop is a looped video installation which takes up to a 15 seconds of footage then seamlessly blends the video together to create a look. Checkout some of the Bell & Ross Vogue Loop videos below.

If you want a new and creative way to showcase your product Vogue Loop does just that.

Vogue Loop gives the guests a chance to show their creativity with the showcase products or services and share their creativity on their social media platform.

Boost That Experience (Audio)

No video is ever complete without the perfect audio. Our Vogue Loop's ability to insert custom audio will enhances the experience for the guests and the viewers. The audio provides the viewers with the vibe of the event and it will make them wish they are at the event! ;)

Check out some of the guest's Vogue Loop Video (psst...rmb to turn down the volume beforehand).

Level UP Storytelling

Vogue Loop works on all types of events. It allows you to showcase your beautifully decorated event for the guest's storytelling. With the seamless transition, you can encourage guests to craft their own brand story and share it with their friends.

Have an idea in mind for your next event? Say hi to us and we can assist you.

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