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Why your brand needs AR?

The power of Augmented Reality to bring virtual experiences into the real world is literally endless. Many brands from Gucci to Dior to Chanel are exploring these AR features to make their on-ground campaigns more engaging for guests. That is why we predict 2020 to be the year AR goes mainstream and if you are someone who makes decisions for your brand, do not sleep on this.


Check out this AR campaign done by Lacoste. In essence it is quite a simple AR campaign which allows guests to try on various different shoes by just pointing their phone towards their leg and switching between canvases.

video courtesy of Engine Creative:

Louis Vuitton

LV has always been a brand that remained very conservative when it comes to exploring new silhouettes and activations for their campaigns. However, since Virgil Abloh took over as the Artistic Director, things have changed. And now we can see that LV is not sleeping on the AR trend that will be taking over 2020.

video courtesy of @augmentedhuman


Dior is not only using 3D objects but also using AR face detection features to apply cosmetics and beautification with some animation to the person. Many brands are starting to use AR in this format.

video courtesy of @augmentedhuman

Here's some amazing news! Fotobox Co. is currently ready for AR EXPERIENCES at your events. Don't wait any longer. Drop us a line so we can plan your next AR campaign.

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