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Exclusive Social Videos with DARKROOM

Brand ambassadors provide one important thing for brands. It makes brands relatable. It makes people who admire their favourite celebs have an opportunity to use the same products they use. Last year we launched a new activation that focuses on creating an experience where guests feel like they are part of the brand marketing campaign.

Darkroom gives this opportunity to guests as well as allowing brands to capitalise on the on-the-spot social traction that they can achieve with Darkroom through IG stories as well as IG posts as Darkroom video format is customisable.

Darkroom Build The idea of Darkroom is also allowing our clients to just pick and choose the kind of backdrop build that they want to make things seamless.

One of our most exciting Darkroom event was with NARS as we fully utilised the IG story format. By adding their campaign background music as well as customising the video transitions and colour grading to match their campaign ad. We were able to achieve the desired outcome.

NARS x Darkroom by Fotobox Co.

Have a look at a couple of our cool Darkroom videos that was produced on-the-spot. Together with some event photos.

Drop us a line to create exclusive social videos for your next event and give your guests the experience of being a brand ambassador. Don't wait! Let us help you plan.

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