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Luxury brands are accelerating into AR

Image courtesy of Gucci

So what happens next to brand marketing in the "soon-to-be" post-pandemic? How can we take a look into the future and find an answer for the coming months or even years? We dive deep into what luxury brands are doing during this unprecedented times.

Augmented Reality (AR) has long been a term we don't quite grasp before it was brought to our attention by the popular game Pokemon Go. A free smartphone game that has soared to the top of the download charts: It has sent people into streets and parks, onto beaches and even out to sea in a kayak in the week since it was released back in 2016. You get the idea. AR is cool again.

While augmented reality (AR) were still on the verge of finding it's true footing into the fashion world and inching towards being the next big thing with technologies like virtual closets, virtual fittings, and virtual fashion shows. People still wanted the real experience, the social events, live fashion shows, the touch and feel of products. Well, not after the pandemic hit. We just can't do those things anymore, it had accelerated the necessity of augmented reality in every industry. This is social tech is here to stay.


Burberry AR Burberry has launched a new Augmented Reality (AR) shopping tool through Google Search technology. The AR tool allows consumers to experience Burberry products embedded in the environment around them, enhancing their research and shopping experience online. When searching for Burberry items using Google Search on their phone, consumers can see an AR version of the product at scale against other real-life objects. For example, a user can place a TB bag next to an existing outfit to gain a better understanding of the product before purchasing and simulating the in-store experience.

Image courtesy of Burberry

Gucci AR Stopping by outlets and department stores to try on shoes is so passé, if you ask Gucci. The Italian luxury fashion brand today launched a refreshed iOS app that lets customers virtually “try on” its Ace sneakers collection, courtesy of augmented reality (AR).

It’s almost like fitting shoes in person — but not quite. Within the Gucci app, users pick the Ace sneakers of their choice and point their phone’s camera at their feet, after which they’re prompted to try the shoes on virtually. A built-in photo feature lets them capture themselves “wearing” the models that speak to them and share their snaps via text, email, or social media.

Image courtesy of Gucci

Muberry AR In the luxury sector, AR needs to showcase the craftsmanship of the product as accurately as possible. Mulberry expected nothing less of the best possible AR experience so they commissioned to create photorealistic and AR-optimized 3D models of their latest luxury handbag- The Iris.

Image courtesy of Mulberry

Activating natively or via social platforms, brands all around the world needs to rely on new technology to bring experiences to consumers digitally.

CONTEN.T is a digital division of Fotobox Co. aims to help brands achieve augmented reality AR experience through multiple channel deployment. We help craft AR journey with technical and creative teams ready team to create content and motion graphics in AR. Support us in bringing social technology to you. Contact us

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