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Anything can be your playground

For a recent custom project, the client wanted something to excite guests and add a point of difference to their event by tapping into everyone’s sense of playfulness and childlike wonder the element of fun was not missing at this event.

Our team put together a fun and memorable way to celebrate the #mvccr2016 event. Adding an element of fun, and surprise to the guest’s experience by using a ball pit as backdrop instead of a screen. The ball pit was a creative way to look at taking a photo from a different perspective, up above. In this case the camera was placed above the guests with the subjects posing in the neon green balls below.

Those who attended were keen to get involved with hundreds of posts shared on Instagram of guests jumping into the ball pit throughout the event. Check out the fun filled shots here:

The World Is Your Backdrop

You are never limited with what you can use as your “background”. Imagine swimming in a sea of makeup products, stuffed animals, drinks or whatever product you like! Have a chalkboard as a background to let guests’ imagination run wild. Or perhaps divulge your darker side with a horror or Halloween theme and create creepy chalk body outlines for your guests to fill.

If you think this kind of set up could work for your event get in touch with our friendly team!

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