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Freeze frame

Want something to add that extra special touch at your next event? Consider custom frames. We can create a card for your print out to sit in to set you apart from the rest and add that extra pop of fun to your theme. They add a point of difference in an entertaining way for your guests to remember your event.

The frames also allow you to print a few lines of information about your event as well so you can add your hashtag or company information to really make your mark memorable. Think hearts for Valentine’s Day or pumpkin for Halloween? How about creating a custom frame for a sporting event like football, tennis, soccer, rugby, cricket anything you can think of!

The idea is so versatile that the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you want to showcase your new product? Simply create a custom postcard frame in the shape of the product. This could be adapted to drink products, perfume, makeup, shoes anything goes! For all your photo frame inspiration check out our design mock ups.

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