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Fotobox gets Snapchat specs

Wondering what all the hype surrounding the new Snapchat Spectacles is all about? Well now you can try them on and find out for yourself!

Here at Fotobox, we wanted to give our clients the opportunity to use the spectacles to document their next event and function.

Spectacles are sunglasses that Snap! Tap once on the button to make a memory — from your perspective. Then, relive it later in Snapchat. The glasses give a first person perspective, as though the viewer is seeing things through your eyes! They also capture both portrait and landscape footage at the same time.

This could bring a new element of fun to your next event, leaving your hands free to eat, drink, chat and dance the night away while never missing a moment of the fun.

We are lending this baby out to our clients for them to try it out themselves. Drop us a line if you are keen to give it a spin and we will set you up. We can’t wait to see what snaps you come up with!

Happy Snapping,

The Team at Fotobox

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