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The infamous Claire clear plastic wrapped heels a collaboration between JIMMY CHOO and OFF-WHITE took centerstage when it debut in Singapore. An exclusive preview and private sales event for social elites and the brands' top customers. Needless to say that shoes flew off the shelves! Jimmy Choo client approached us from Hong Kong HQ aiming to create an experience that showcases the brands simplicity and elegance. For look and feel below is a video of one of global launch event China.


We thought since this is a global launch most countries across APAC will be having a photo opt of their own. What can we do stand out from the pack? And so our creative team went to the drawing board to create something different. Something subtle yet extraordinary.

First draft we created animation to embody the dark and fun element of the brand, but unfortunately was X by the client as they wanted something that aligns to global directions, which was completely understandable. We just thought this was pretty cool! Don't you think?

JimmyChoo X Fotobox


That was not the only experience created at the event, aside your activating the Mobsta M3 Boomerang we also produced Moving Prints for all guests to take home! More photos below.

For more information about Fotobox and it's services drop us a line. We love to chat and explore creative ideas with you.

Thanks for showing us your love! J.L out!

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