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Coming off a successful Ultra Music experience for Singapore in 2017, it was time to turn the heat up and make sure the expectation of the crowd is surpassed in terms of overall event experience. Each brand sponsor had their own idea of how to increase engagement and ways to entice the crowd into brand participation. However, with a lot of unique ideas in the mix, how does a brand actually stand out from the rest. This was our mission for the official beer of Ultra Singapore 2018, Tiger Beer.

Let's take a look at the route that we decided to partake in designing, producing and executing a brand experience that captured the interests of the guests and ultimately created something unique for Ultra ravers to share with their followers on social media.

Ideation Process

The journey begins with the conception of the idea. This process begins by looking at the type of event and creating an experience that plays into that event. In this case, it was a rave. Yes a rave! So this means, STROBES, LIGHT BEAMS, AMAZING BASS. This meant only one thing for the ambitious folks at Fotobox Co. GREEN-SCREEN. Yes, we have always been a huge proponent of the usage of green-screen animation at events as it hugely increases the guest experience.

By using our Mobsta M3, we are able to implement full motion graphics with the benefit of portability, which brings us to the next important aspect and that is how do we cater to a rave where there are a ton of people who probably had a little too much to drink?

Simple, we use a fully portable roving device that we can approach our guests anytime, anywhere.

Now that we have the idea down. Time to start with the design process.

Visual Conceptualisation

Based on the green-screen animation. We decided to combine key visuals that represent the Tiger Beer brand together with the Ultra Singapore theme and rave elements. This allowed us come up with a few design options that we finalised as can be seen below. This allowed guest to share their event experience through social media in a way that transform traditional GIFs into ad based GIFs without being too intrusive.

Thanks for your checking in! If like to learn more about what's new and how we can help? Follow us on social. @fotoboxsingapore @fotoboxmalaysia. or drop us a line at Till next time, signing out!

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