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FOTOBOX CO. K-POPPED! Puma #CaliTravelog X Hyolyn

A campaign that started of with a roadshow and ended with a secret party headlined by international K-Pop star Hyolyn. The whole idea was to get Puma shoppers excited about their new sneaker release for women, the Puma Cali and here's how we did it.

Puma Cali Roadshow | JD SPORTS x Puma x Fotobox Co.

We teamed up once again with JD Sports to deliver a roadshow that focuses on bringing the California boho chic vibe all the way to Malaysia! We pulled this off with a full green-screen setup using our fully roving Mobsta M3 and of-course our ever popular moving prints.

GIF Designs

This allowed guests to post really cool animated boomerangs straight to Instagram. Have a look at some of the cool GIF outputs from the roadshow.


Puma Cali Secret x Hyolyn | Fotobox Co.

For the secret party, the focus was to generate as much buzz on social media. Especially Instagram. So we decided to provide a simple yet effective engagement that gives one of the best social traction bang for buck. HASHTAGGER! Our insta-printer machine.

Hashtagger basically detects the unique hashtagged posts on instagram that was set for the event allows guests to print their custom 4R prints.

The best part is you get to custom brand the Hashtagger as well!

Hashtagger x Puma #PumaCaliTravelog

Checkout some of the cool videos and pics from the Secret party.

Like what you see? Drop us a line at for a free consultation to make your next event more engaging and exciting.

Until next time!

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