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The evolution of moving prints | NOW YOU CAN HAVE MORE!

Our moving prints have been available for awhile now and we have made a lot of clients and guests very happy. But as we are always trying to bring new things for our guests, now you can have more than just a moving print. We are expanding our moving prints solution and here are some of the options that you can now have to benefit your upcoming events.

Portrait Mode

The new portrait size gives you more options in terms of the look and feel of the moving prints. You can even turn it into a lanyard which is a great way to integrate the moving prints into your event experience

Bigger means better

Now you can also have bigger moving prints. On top of that you can also have it in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Custom Postcards or Invites

Need custom postcards or invites. How about have have a moving postcard/moving invite instead. Your guests will definitely be reminded of how your event was the coolest event of the year.

Moving Prints x MakeThis

Now we are combining 2 of our personalisation service to produce cool one of a kind custom gifts that have moving elements to it. Now your guests can create their very own custom lenticular products. Want a custom lenticular phone case? Let us know!

Drop us a line to have your

*Middle finger just for illustration purposes, hopefully nobody takes offence.

Anyway, drop us a line at to have your very own custom event experience with our moving prints.

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